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Texo tehnologije
Texo tehnologije

Our philosophy

TIME FOR CLEVER GREEN TECHNOLOGIES We and our partners share a strong respect and responsibility for our environment. We took the challenge to help solving our todays environmental and climate problems with clever and high innovational solutions and to make good business.

A project that fullfills these aims perfectly is the new ACTS recycling technology. It makes a remarkable contribution to a clean and healthy environment and pledges to substantial gains.

Tires: an unused resources

Up to now, there was no substantial and profitable recycling of used tires. They got shredded, burned or just dumped.

New tecnologies-new chances

With the brand new ACTS technology we are now able to turn any used tires into very valuable final products: oil, gas, steel and carbon black. ACTS is a german invention and stands for "Advanced Carbon Technology System".

How ACTS technology works

Former procedures could only recycle a single or two substances, but destroyed the other ones during the recycling process. With the new ACTS-Technology the full potential of tires can be recovered. With ACTS there is no waste, only valuable final products. The average output, by weight, is as follows (varying with the type and condition of tires): oil – 27 %, gas – 20 % (completely used in next production cycle), steel – 15 %, carbon - 38 %

Graphite production?

At this moment our experts are involved in expanding producing capabilites of ACTS plants with graphite production (triple plant only).


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